Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 2.5

Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Alfetta GTV6 2.5
Year: 1983
Mileage: 28000
Colour: Silver
  • Description

Here we have a very rare find. An Alfetta GTV6 still sporting her original rust free inner wings, original engine bay paint and original rust free floors & front jacking points! I know of only 3 other GTV6’s in the UK that can lay claim to such originality.

How did this car survive as such I hear you ask. The history file documents that sometime in the first half of 1986 she was taken off the road with just 17k miles recorded, it is believed this may have been due to the failure of the poorly designed head gaskets these cars were fitted with when new. For some reason she was never fixed and sat in a nice dry garage until 2010, when an enthusiast ‘found’ her and began the process of recommissioning her with a view to having her as a fun weekend car. He carried out the following work:

  1. Strip out and rebuild of prop shaft.
  2. Strip down suspension, repaint and rebuild with new polyurethane bushes.
  3. New rear wheel bearings fitted.

Three years on he had still not got the work completed, so sold her to respected Alfa specialist Peter Smart. He spent the next two years stripping the rest of the car, going through it and reassembling:

  1. Strip car to bare rolling shell, including removal of the engine.
  2. Full exterior repaint in the original silver.
  3. Careful cleaning and refreshing of the original engine bay paintwork which he decided to keep, rather than repaint as it was so good.
  4. Strip down of cylinder heads to check overall condition of engine and reassemble with new gaskets.
  5. New rear engine mounting bush.
  6. Mechanical cam belt tensioner conversion, new belt, water pump etc.
  7. Refit of engine & other engine bay components.
  8. New brake pads all around.
  9. New calliper seals and brake hoses.
  10. New clutch master cylinder.

Once completed the car was then sold in 2015 to Mr. Kell to share garage space with his 105 coupe. He kept and enjoyed the car until 2019, when he decided he just wasn’t using her enough to justify keeping her now he had retired. There are a number of invoices in the file for ongoing care and maintenance of the car during his 5k miles of use. including:

  1. New rear brake discs.
  2. 1x new rear brake calliper.
  3. New fuel pump.
  4. New tyres all around.
  5. Annual servicing.

She was then sold to classic car dealer Milestone Classics who, now with just over 22k miles, carried out further work to prepare her for sale:

  1. Strip and rebuild of both of both cylinder heads with both heads skimmed, new valve guides and stem seals, new head gaskets, valve clearances set.
  2. Engine fluids & filter service.
  3. New cam belt.

He then sold her to the current owner at the end of 2019 who, having thought he had cured himself of cars a few years ago, couldn’t resist one last fling as he had always admired the GTV6 in his youth. In January 2022 she was delivered to our sister company Alex Jupe Motorsport for a major going over, completed in May 2022, with in excess of £18,000 spent to bring her to the superb standard she presents in today. This included:

  1. Replacement of fuel hoses with correct SAEJ30 spec for modern fuels.
  2. New fuel filter.
  3. New clutch plates to the O.E. twin plate clutch & new clutch housing bearings.
  4. New gearbox mounts.
  5. Engine oil & filter change.
  6. Replacement of both front & rear wing bottoms and N/S rear jacking point & inner wheel arch. Seam welding new panels in place. Removal of all bumpers, trim etc and repaint of both sides of the car.
  7. Cleaning of underside & treating with Dinitrol 4941/CAR underbody wax.
  8. Dinitrol 1000 & ML cavity wax injected into sills, inner arches, chassis rails etc.
  9. Detailing and ceramic coating of all paintwork throughout.

Alex Jupe Motorsport have just completed the finishing touches of a cylinder head rebuild to rectify a some faulty valve seals, removing both cylinder heads, stripping and replacing the previously fitted non-genuine valve seals with the correct factory spec ones, a light skim of the heads and reassembly with new Reinz (O.E. spec) head gaskets along with a new cam belt, filter and fluids change. (Engine bay pics to follow).

The above work should preserve her as such for many years to come and means she is about as good a GTV6 as you could wish to find bodily, structurally and mechanically.

Sadly, living in central London has meant she doesn’t get the use she deserves, so despite such extensive recent work she is now available with just 28k miles recorded since new.

If you would like to discuss further or arrange a viewing please contact Alex on 01243 882142

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