Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 2.5

Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Alfetta GTV6 2.5
Year: 1985
Mileage: 77737
Colour: Red
  • Description

Here we have what I think is a rather special GTV6, in a condition and with history you rarely find. With her current & third owner since 1989 and a documented service history right back to her PDI check stamps and running in service at 868 miles from supplying Alfa main agent Huntsworth Garages Ltd in London.

The underside is truly amazing, still be largely on the original factory finishes. The only welding required has been to the usual inner wing tops and a tiny front inner sill repair, otherwise she is totally original underneath and rust free with it. The only areas with some black wax sealer applied are the areas known to more vulnerable to rust, so some of the panel seams & inner sill edges. Remarkably the usually rotten and or underseal covered hidden corners around the battery tray and spare wheel are not only rust free, but still wear the original factory primer coating and nothing more, as shown in the photos.

Originally bought to use as his daily driver, but always garage kept, this was a task that she only carried out until 1993 at which point with a growing family a more spacious daily was required. However, a bond had been formed with his GTV6 and it was decided to keep her to use as ‘high days & holidays’ car to enjoy when the chance for a more spirited drive was possible. This she continued to do until 2007, covering sometimes just a couple of hundred other times a couple of thousand miles a year.

During this time she was maintained regardless of cost, as evidenced in the comprehensive history file containing every invoice since 1992 and the original ‘Alfa Cover’ book pack and associated manuals, also containing the all important service coupon booklet stamped by Alfa main dealers from the aforementioned PDI check up to her last main dealer service in 1993 at 68k miles, following which all work was carried out by independent specialists.

Some major works of note carried out over the years, all invoices on file, include:

  1. In 1993 the inner wings were rebuilt and a complete repaint carried out, at which point the owner decided to body colour the plastic trim. This is the same paint she wears to this day and is in excellent condition, testament to the careful use and storage she has had since.
  2. In 2001 at 74564 miles a complete engine rebuild was carried out by Alfa specialist Benalfa Cars. This comprised new pistons & liners, rebuilt cylinder heads with new valve guides.
  3. New Bilstein shock absorbers.
  4. New brake discs front & rear.

Just 3000 miles have been covered since this work was carried out, so the engine is barely run in.

By 2007, with the pressure of work and running growing kids around she was taken off the road with the plan that when he retired he would bring her back out to enjoy again with more time to do so. She was even treated to a ‘laying up service’ with new fluids, filter and plugs. However, the discovery of a new hobby and the huge increase in traffic volume where he lives have taken the joy away from driving so in 2023 she was sent to our sister company Alex Jupe Motorsport for a major going over to give her a fresh lease of life for a very lucky new owner. This work totaled over £12700.00 and included:

  1. New water pump.
  2. New cam belt.
  3. Pressure tested & repainted radiator.
  4. New radiator fan switch.
  5. GTV6 radiator hose kit.
  6. AJM silicone breather hose kit.
  7. New spark plugs, air filter, oil & filter.
  8. Fresh coolant.
  9. Extensive engine bay detailing, including repainted cam covers with new gaskets and plug well seals.
  10. Strip, blast, repaint of thermostat housing & refit with new bypass hoses.
  11. New pump, filter & hoses to current SAEJ30 spec for modern fuels.
  12. Fit AJM Fast Road handling kit, polyurethane Watts linkage, rear anti-roll bar link & caster arm bushes with full laser geometry set up.
  13. New brake master cylinder.
  14. New clutch master & slave cylinders and a new braided stainless steel clutch hose.
  15. New Ronal A1 replica alloy wheels with new Falken tyres.

She will be supplied with 12 months MOT, so following the above work will be ready to get in and take to the open road, where she belongs, again.

If you would like to discuss further or arrange a viewing please contact Alex on 01243 882142

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